Hay & Farm Implement Closeouts


Kubota BV4580PREM Baler


Closeout Features

Designed to produce high quality 5’x6′ bales, these round balers are equipped to handle all types of crops and can take on the most demanding field conditions. Along with proven durable design, Kubota’s 5’x6′ balers offer a variety of hard-working standard features, including being Silage capable.

  • High Capacity Pick-Up
  • Fork Feeder
  • Baling Chamber
  • Reduced maintenance
  • PowerBind Net Wrap
  • Focus Control Terminal

Closeout Pricing

  • Sale Cash Price $40,000
  • Sale Finance Price is $41,000
  • MSPR $54,125
  • 2 units in Stock
  • Financing Available @ 0.00%
  • Price does not include sales tax or insurance
  • SN#- 70187, 70229


2150 15′ Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter


Closeout Features

2150 15′ Flex-Wing Rotary CutterOffering a sleeker design with the same durability customers have come to expect from Rhino®. Some of the new features include the patent-pending, unique cast blade pan. Engineered for outstanding strength and durability, it also provides improved reliability in connecting to the gearbox; greater access to service areas; and smooth, quiet operation. The improved gearbox design, which includes a more stable driveshaft-to-blade-carrier design, offers more torque with the same horsepower than previous models. Features and Benefits Smooth Top and Bottom Deck Design with Dual Cut Chambers New Composite Divider Shield Mechanical Level Lift Infinity Cast Carrier utilizing many of the same drivetrain components as the 3150 New Improved Tongue Design featuring Standard Clevis CAT 5 CV Main and CAT 4 Wing DrivelinesCoil Spring Suspension Equip your 2150 with Rhino Trax LED Lights are Standard Equipment Who Should Buy General Mowing Pasture Maintenance Roadside & Right-of Way Mowing Commercial Mowing Farm Use Industrial Mowing 

Closeout Pricing

  • Regularly $14,249
  • Sale Price $13,249


RTV Tires and Rims- ATV and Heavy Duty


Closeout Features

  • Kubota RTV (X1140, X1100, X900) Tires and Rims

Closeout Pricing

  • Heavy Duty Tire and Rim- $185 each
  • ATV Tire and Rim- $125 each